Villa Le Farnete is placed on the hill dominating the plain that spreads from Florence, to Prato till Pistoia, more precisely on the street that climbs from Comeana to Carmignano.The Villa was built in the 14th century by the Florentine Family of Mazzinghi and belonged to this feudatory family till the eighteenth-century. The stone portals, the lacunar ceiling and the secret spirals stairs go back to this period.
The original building of the 14th century got the appearance of a big seventeenth-century residence with the work carried out from Marquises De’ Gori Zondadari Panillini, owners of the Villa since the 18th century.
In this occasion, an open gallery with round-headed arches, was built on the top of the front, raised on the roof and with two baroque volutes on both side. In 1875 the Villa became property of the Lepri Family, and further changes and extension works were done.
Some of the rooms of the Villa were painted in frescos with typical nineteenth-century ornaments.
The Villa was recently renewed, preserving unchanged the ancient construction and the frescos.