The project “Caporali, Italian iron lab”

02/01/2013 – It’s just from the italian tradition, from the love for the beauty, from a country with an historical handcraft expertise, from the birthplace of Reinassance, from the quality taste; it’s just from all that that was born one of the italian companies leader in wroughtiron work, Caporali.

Caporali trusts in research, renovation and transformation. Its products have been able to adapting to the contemporary trends and to its costumer requests without loosing the taste for tradition and history that made the company so great. That’s the reason why the maison countes today on the experimentation of “Caporali, Italian iron lab”, a forge of ideas in which day by day professional handcrafters work side by side in order to study and propose exclusive and original finishes and solutions, able to understand the tastes of an audience always more demanding.

A forward-looking vision voted to innovation that it’s possible starting from the pay off “il ferro soffiato”, which explains all of the expertise of a handcraft so accurate to make so lightweight a material such as iron that, with Caporali, is ennobled by taking unusual shapes and by becoming the extraordinary main character of re?ned and elegant areas of today and tomorrow homes.

In “Caporali, Italian iron Lab” the two collections, novelties of 2013, are Hana and Legami. Hana is a collection with floreal patterns, where the openwork design gives sensations of peace and wellness. A peace and a tranquillity which inebriates with its naturalness. Legami reveals the charm of iron, plastic and soft in movements. A weaving of lines made by fluid and lasting bonds.